Our services and products offers an innovative project management system designed and developed by professional project managers and project controls engineers to provide an enterprise-wide solution to managing and reporting on a portfolio of projects. Our solution is suitable for of all types and sizes of projects in virtually all industries, and contains functional solutions to plan, budget, control and report a project through all project phases including proposal, planning, engineering, procurement, construction and startup, by quantifying accomplishments and assessing progress.

The features of our solution include the following:

Estimating, Project Cost Management, Work Breakdown structure and cost breakdown structure creation, Assigning Schedule Activity Codes (in P3/P5/P6 and MS Projects), Schedule Integration (Mapping Activity Codes to Control Accounts), Hours/Quantity Monitoring, Progress & Performance Measurement, Contract/Purchase Order Cost Management, Trend, variation & Change Management, Bid Tab Calculation, Payment Certificates & Invoices, and Engineering Progress Management.


Service Description

Our staff understands that no two projects or clients are alike and our solutions are flexible enough to be tailored to meet your firm’s unique requirements

Cost Management

Cost Engineering and Control is accomplished through an integrated process of integrating the schedule, baseline estimate, formalizing the change management process, tracking of commitments and actual and a true earned value tracking solution. We are flexible and will set the project management and control solution up on the software of our client’s preference. We are also experts in designing and establishing a formal change management process attached to your workflow.


We utilize a detailed approach to estimating in the framework of the scope and coding structure of your project and utilize this detailed estimate to establish the detailed cost basis for the baseline budget and to create the control base from this platform.

Each estimate is comprised of the standard building blocks of labor, materials, construction equipment usage, and subcontract costs. To enable repetitive estimating, our Project Estimating solution incorporate the ability to learn from lessons learned on previous projects and to incorporate this in the current detailed estimate solution.The outcome of this services are flexible to accommodate our clients’ needs and normally leads to a signed of Baseline Estimate to be utilized in the execution of projects.


Our scheduling process is designed to accommodate the needs of our clients and we accommodate both resource and not resource loaded scheduling, as per our clients’ needs and budget. Our Scheduling is designed to fit into any client’s formalized coding structure, or we can make suggestions on a proposed coding structure and enable us to fully integrate the schedule with the detailed estimate. We are able to provide scheduling solutions on most of the commercial scheduling software such as Primavera/P3/P5/P6, SureTrak, or Microsoft Project.

Engineering Management

We can provide Engineering tracking solutions through the design of Engineering Task Progress tracking and Engineering document Document Control.

Engineering Progress

Our Engineering Progress solution is based on principles of developing the budget and track progress in hours of effort for engineering activities. This solution allows you to budget and track the development of Requisitions, Specifications, Drawings and Non-drawing tasks separately. Progress on engineering activities can be used to establish progress in the control base by linking each engineering activity to the control base. It is also possible to use engineering activities to determine how costs in the control base are distributed across project periods.

Document Control Solution

The Document Control Solution provides our clients with the ability to manage engineering and vendor document transmittals such as drawings, specifications and requisitions. This solution provides the ability to track which documents have been released, the document recipient, document revision numbers, and issue/action dates.

Procurement Solution

The Procurement Solution establishes a complete procurement system that takes procurement from the purchase requisition to installation of equipment and materials at the project site. The solution includes setting up of a Capital Equipment Solution, the Procurement Solution, and the Materials Management Solution.

Capital Equipment Solution

The Capital Equipment Solution is used to list and track the Capital (Process) Equipment for the project. This solution will allow engineers to maintain a list of process equipment and create purchase requisitions that will be used by the purchasing department for procuring the equipment.

Procurement Solution

The Procurement solution is a comprehensive solution for creating and tracking purchase orders and contracts for the procurement of services, equipment and materials. The Procurement solution is also used to develop equipment and materials purchase lists with tag numbers, track the bid and award process, track shipment status, and commit purchase order and contract values in control accounts. This solution is integrated with the Control Base, Capital Equipment, Engineering Progress and Materials Management solutions.

Material Management Solution

The Material Management solution is designed to track the receipt and issuance of material and equipment in and out of a project warehouse or storage location. This solution is also designed with full inventory control including overages, shortages, and damages.


The true value of any Project Management Solution is ultimately the information gathered to create the output or reports that are available from the solution. Time consuming monthly reports can be automated to run in batches so that the hours formerly spent in task reporting can be redirected to managing the project. Our solution is flexible enough to support your specific reporting needs. These supporting solutions provide both for tabular and graphical reporting representations.