We offer free tax consulting on all general matters that apply to employees and individual taxpayers to our Capital PFS clients. Our tax consulting service is rooted in very technical and much practical tax experience. Our aim is to give quality tax advice to our contractors. We also provide of the best and most practical tax planning advice available on a number of South African income tax and capital gains tax questions. Specific tax advice is given on your own facts. Our success is built on our commitment to personal service. It is extremely important that we receive all the relevant information on a timely manner to enable us to submit your income tax return on time. We work on a strict First-In-First-Out basis. We do ask for extension for the submission of income tax returns as a rule for all our clients in order to schedule the workload and ensure that returns are submitted to SARS on time. Please watch your post in March as we send out a very important Income tax document to all our clients, detailing the necessary information that will enable us to submit an accurate tax return on time. Our tax experts will ensure timeous and efficient compliance with the requirements of the SARS. The submission of a properly completed income tax return (for individuals as well as Closed Corporations) is not as routine as it may seem. It is the collection of information and applying it to the tax legislation, which makes this an onerous task for most taxpayers. With the increasing efficiency on the part of our revenue authorities, our tax consultants go to great lengths to ensure that all relevant information is submitted; that the information submitted for the current year corresponds with information submitted on your last return. Where there are differences these are verified so that in the event of a query from the revenue authorities the information submitted could be verified. Records are retained for tax audit purposes. Tax assessments are checked when received. Objection to incorrect assessments are lodged timeously. The income tax year runs from 1 March to 28 February It is very important to note the closing kilometer reading on the vehicles you used during the year for business travel purposes on 28 February. Most or all Capital PFS contractors receive travel allowances on specific sets of information provided to us. This will be the basis for calculating your travel claim. Your logbook kept for the year detailing daily business and private mileage as well as destinations visited is a vital tool in calculating your travel claim at the end of the tax year.