An individual/company choosing to contract through Capital PFS is given the option of joining any of the following group schemes:

Medical Aid Fund Provident Fund


Capital PFS offers medical schemes with all the leading medical aid funds in the market place. These funds will be tax effectively structured as part of your income.


As part of a comprehensive retirement planning available to all contractors and consultants, Capital PFS will provide members with a structured provident fund.

Provident fund can be structured as follows:

Members can select monthly contributions to the Fund voluntarily, which can also be changed, as the contractor’s financial needs change. The contribution constitutes +/-10% of what is known as a Fund Salary. The Fund Salary is used to determine the benefits of the Provident Fund.

Life and Disability Cover (Optional)

If this option is selected, a member receives 3 times the annual Fund Salary as a death benefit. This benefit is paid out to beneficiaries at the death of the principal member. Disability cover of 75% of Fund Salary is paid out monthly until 60 in the case of total disability, and includes an annual inflation increase. The benefit becomes payable 1 month after the date of disability.

Provident Fund Options

A member may select to have no Life and Disability Cover, which means a greater direct contribution to the Retirement Investment on a monthly basis. This may have a significant influence on the retirement value. Relatively young members of the Fund can use the Growth Portfolios. It is equity based and therefore a risk portfolio with high growth potential. Returns are not secure and dependent on market fluctuations.

Other Provident Fund Information

Provident Fund contributions are deductible from your taxable income. One of the advantages of a Provident Fund, when compared to a Pension Fund is that the entire accumulated pension can be paid in a lump sum at retirement. (In the case of a Pension Fund only one-third can be paid in a lump sum.) The lump sum payment at retirement is taxable, due to the fact that the contributions were tax deductible throughout the period of contribution.